Muscle Spasm


The tightening of muscles is known as muscle spasm. It happens when one muscle or a group of muscles contracts (gets tight) suddenly and does not relax. It might be an important indication of some neurological disorders as well. The muscles continuously remain in a state of contraction, and rigidity is developed if this state prolongs. Muscle spasm can occur most commonly in legs, thighs, arms and sometimes in abdominal muscles.


Following can be the causes of muscle spasm:

  • Dehydration: Getting engaged in strenuous physical activity and is not getting enough fluids can cause muscle spasm.
  • Electrolyte imbalance: Disturbances of electrolyte level (sodium, potassium, calcium) in the body can cause muscle spasm.
  • Physical work: Doing hard work with which your body is not used to.


  • Massage will relax the tightened muscle.
  • Heat will also relax in the beginning of the muscle spasm, but ice will relax later.
  • If muscle spasm continues, one should consult doctor because it can be the symptom of any underlying disorder.