is a visual atlas that enables to find most of the information about human anatomy. includes not only written information, but also visual elements in the learning process of the users. It offers information about human body, locations of body parts visually as well as written information about these sections that can be learned under the name of anatomy to the users. This visual atlas, also, is prepared to enable to learn anatomy with a new learning method.

Beside its website, the game format of is designed to introduce different learning method for anatomy to the users. When the game is prepared, it is considered that the person can get a lot of information about human anatomy. For this reason, techniques such as scan, drag are marked at the game. project is conceived and realized by a team of youths in Istanbul. The team preparing the project consists of individuals working on net and majority of whom are graduated from biology.

After a long process of building the site, the game has been on-line and has been published on different platforms. The site will be constantly updated and new versions of the game will be prepared.