Red Eye

An abnormal reddening of eyes due to swollen blood vessels is known as red eyes. The eyes look like blood shot and dark red depending upon the degree of dilation of vessels. Redness of eyes may be a very mild phenomenon with no complications or it may be a serious concern and may require immediate medical attention. It is a classic sign showing ocular inflammation. Some types of red eye disorders are highly contagious like red eye caused by viral infections. Others are self limited.


Major causes for red eye are:

  • Allergies

  • Infections like conjunctivitis

  • Dry air

  • Injury

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight.

  • Dust

  • Corneal ulcers

  • Glaucoma

  • Corneal abrasion

  • Toxic shock syndrome

  • Dry eye syndrome

  • Measles


The main symptoms involve abnormal frightening appearance of eyes along with vision problems, pain and swelling.


Diagnosis is usually easy to make and it just requires a physician to have a look at your eye and asking a few questions. Doctor may perform some typical eye tests like fundoscopy to investigate the red eyes, finding its main cause.


No treatment is required in mild and short cases. Simply give your eyes a proper rest avoiding every kind of eyes strain. Avoiding the bright light and washing eyes with clean water is also helpful to cure the red eye in mild cases. You need to visit an ophthalmologist only in case of prolonged redness and vision problems.