Muscle Sprain And Strains


Muscle Strain refers to an injury to the Muscle or its Tendon. It happens when fibres of the Muscle are torn due to overstretching. Its equivalent in Ligaments is Sprain. It is also called Pulled Muscle.


Strain manifests in form of following symptoms

  •         Stiffness
  •         Discolouration
  •         Bruising
  •         Pain


Muscle Strain occurs mostly in Athletes or people using muscles frequently. It occurs due to mechanical overstretching of the Muscles.


First line treatment carried for Strain consists of five steps and named as P.R.I.C.E. These steps are

  •         Protection is done by wrapping the muscles with soft pads
  •         Rest is provided to the injured part
  •         Ice application reduces inflammation
  •         Compression by bandage reduces the swelling
  •         Elevation of the injured tissue prevents pooling of the Blood

Alongwith these first aid steps painkillers  can be given . However use of aspirin etc is restricted to allow proper clot formation.

Patient should be referred to the doctor as soon as possible especially if injury is severe.


Muscle Strain can further be complicated by improper muscle healing, bone fractures or accompanying sprains.