Amenorrhea means that a woman of reproductive age misses her menstrual period or there is absence of this period. This is a normal mechanism during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding).


Amenorrhea is a symptom that has many causes. It is broadly classified into two types:

  • Primary amenorrhea

In primary amenorrhea, the menstrual cycle never starts. It may be caused by congenital (from birth) abnormality of uterus, abnormal functioning of ovaries or some genetic defect.

  • Secondary amenorrhea

Secondary amenorrhea happens in later stages of life and is due to some other underlying cause. It may be due to hormonal imbalance or disturbance in functioning of pituitary gland. Premature menopause or scar in the uterus may also cause secondary amenorrhea.

Some medication may as well lead to amenorrhea, especially the contraceptives.


Treatment of amenorrhea differs based on the cause. The main target of its treatment is to treat the root cause. It may either be surgical or through medication.