Vaginal Discharge

Any fluid oozing from vagina is termed as vaginal discharge. It may be normal or abnormal. If there is some fluid coming out of vagina other than menstrual bleeding, it is taken as abnormal vaginal discharge. The abnormal discharge has a peculiar color, odor and consistency in contrast to the normal vaginal fluids.



Following factors may contribute to an abnormal vaginal discharge:

  • Prolonged use of steroids or antibiotics

  • Vaginosis

  • Cervical tumors

  • Birth control pills

  • Multiple sexual partners

  • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea)

  • Vaginal douches

  • Pelvic surgery

  • Trichomoniasis



  • A smelly fluid in abnormal amounts and color is the main manifestation.

  • It may accompany an unpleasant sensation and pain in vagina with fever and nausea.

  • The inflammation caused by some infective agent is a main sign, as infections are most common cause for abnormal smelly discharge.



The diagnosis is made by taking a complete history about the discharge from the patient. Knowing the difference between a normal and abnormal discharge is the key to diagnose the abnormal process. A pap test is performed on discharge sample in severe cases.



The treatment depends on abolishing the causative reasons like curing the bacterial and yeast infection and other related factors that may induce such abnormal fluids in vagina. You should be sure about not leaving some tampon like a broken condom in vagina. Foreign objects can cause inflammatory process and should be removed. Clean the discharge so that it does not affect the surrounding parts since it contains bacteria and other harmful chemicals in it. Patient is advised to keep the vagina clean, to avoid using scented soaps and to wear cotton undergarments.